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66. Girl Talk with Tracy & Martina

Comedians Justine Williamson and Greg Vardy are the creators, writers, and producers of the cheeky Cape Breton duo, Tracy & Martina.

This week we wanted to bring you straight laughs and these huns don’t disappoint. Tracy & Martina share their resolutions for 2021, update us on their dating lives, and give us makeup tips to step up our looks.

Plus, we get the inside scoop on their new book coming out in Fall 2021 and all the Cape Breton gossip. Grab a rum & coke and saddle up for this one!

Connect with Tracy & Martina:

Some of our fave videos:

This episode is dedicated to Kara Kim & Sarah Pyke, our very own Capers who brought Tracy & Martina into our lives!

Thanks to Luvo Wines for sponsoring this episode. Grab your Luvo at


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