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1 part curiosity

A dash of Tomfoolery

& All the Love

We're two East Coast gals, based in Halifax Nova Scotia. We first met while working together at a startup that Ashley co-founded.

1.5 years later, we were workout buddies, best friends, and basically attached at the hip. Then, Rival & Queen was born.

We started Rival & Queen because we wanted to get to know the amazing people who were around us. Seriously.

Our inspiration was to talk to people we wanted to be friends with to learn about what they were creating and what lights them up.

THE R&Q Community

We’re building a community of curious, supportive humans who are on a journey of discovery. Discovery of self, of fun, of amazing souls - whatever you need. 

Sarah Murphy

more is more.

Sarah is from Halifax & Newfoundland. She's very into living life by design, which means rethinking work, lifestyle, & how many weeks she can live on a boat.


She once had a VC-backed tech startup, created a bunch of EPIC events, but is now on to new projects… like R&Q, researching female entrepreneurship, and creating things that feel fun.


She is known for being (overly) enthusiastic, without routines, and a big love of skiing, sailing, and all things magic. Sarah's purpose is to connect people and help them share their magic with the world. R&Q is one of her fave ways to do that!

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Ashley Kielbratowski

aspiring dog Mom,

born and raised in a small town in rural Nova Scotia, Ashley is an entrepreneur and startup gal, co-founder of Harbr—a construction tech company (this is where Sarah and Ashley first met and the rest is history!)

Ashley is a creative person at heart, loving all things design and fashion. Ashley’s days are usually powered by a lot of coffee and lots of deep breathing, because sometimes life gets a little crazy.

She loves keeping up with the latest fashion trends, can't get enough of pilates and always keeps it real. Ashley wants to help others level up in life and will be your biggest fan. She loves making new friends at R&Q!

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Rival & Queen is a BNV Media production.

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