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104. Peace by Chocolate Founder, Tareq Hadhad

This week we’re joined by Tareq Hadhad, founder of Peace by Chocolate. Born and raised in Damascus, Syria his family was forced to flee their home country to escape the war.

Tareq shares his family’s story, and how they eventually made their way to Antigonish, NS. He talks about their experience of going from prosperity to starting over with nothing. Throughout the journey, his family's values, commitment to community, and determination to spread happiness have empowered them to create an incredible company and become leaders here in Canada.

In just 6 years, Peace By Chocolate has grown from a 1 product company to having 160 products, multiple locations, a book, a movie, and the Hadhad's are now a family of Canadians.

Happy Birthday Tareq & congratulations to your mother on receiving her Canadian Citizenship!

Connect with Peace by Chocolate: @peacebychocolate



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