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99. Creating a female golf community, Grueter Golf

Their tagline is: "Getting girls on the green since 2016".

Haley Hillesland and Jen Corcoran are two of the four creators behind Grueter Golf. They are on a mission to get people out golfing no matter what!

We have recently gotten into golf, and have been loving it but it does come with a lot of stereotypes and some intimidation concerns so we are demystifying what it means to be a “golfer.”

This episode will leave you wanting to give golf a go if you haven’t already. We talk about what Grueter means, how they started, golf-style, what to wear, and what’s next for the GG community!

Connect: @gruetergolf

References: Golf Boys

Big thank you to Luvo Wines for sponsoring this episode! You can get your Luvo at


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