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98. Race Car Driver Amber Balcaen

We are so excited to be back for Season 3, and are jumping right back into it, talking fall fashion, our favorite rom coms, and the idea of showering outdoors.

Our first guest this season is Amber Balcaen, a racecar driver from Winnipeg, who is the only Canadian female in the top 5 series in NASCAR. Amber competes in the NASCAR ARCA series.

We get to know Amber & talk about:

  • What it takes to be a driver - mental, physical & financial

  • Her time on CMT's reality show Racing Wives

  • How she reconnected to her love of driving

  • What it's like to be behind the wheel

  • How she trains

  • Her role as full-time athlete & entrepreneur

Connect with Amber:

Instagram @amberbalcae10

Show Notes:


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