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96. Quake Matthews Talks "The Myth X" + His Journey

This week we welcome east-coast hip hop artist, Quake Matthews.

We talk about Quake's journey into music and becoming an artist, the ups and downs he's experienced, and how he bounces back from the lows. He shares a lot of personal stories, his creative process, and the inspiration behind his newest album, The Myth X.

We also revisit Quake & Sarah's Junior High days, get into some of our biggest fears and pitch the idea of 'Rival on the Road'. Quake brings a lot of heart to this episode and leaves us feeling inspired and motivated to keep showing up for ourselves every day.

We share the details about our very first LIVE show - August 19th on the Halifax waterfront at 7 pm. Come out and join us!

Connect with Quake:

Check out his latest album: The Myth X

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