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90. Real Estate & Home Buying 101 with Chris Peters

This week we have Realtor Chris Peters on to talk about the HOT housing market in Nova Scotia & teach us how to buy a home.

We get to know Chris, how he became a realtor, and why he loves his work. We talk about realtors as investment specialists, how they add value in the home buying process, and we get into the Buyer Homework!

Chris tells us the 3 things we have to do to get ready to buy a new home.

We also bring the couch saga to a close, talk about Sarah's 3-day Sprout Therapy Juice Cleanse, and talk about of fave tv show right now!

Connect with Chris:

@cpetersrealty on Twitter


Big thank you to the Nova Scotia Association of Realtors for sponsoring this episode. Learn how a Nova Scotia Realtor can help you navigate the market and find your perfect fit at

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