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80. Leaning into Your Creative Identity with Carla Saunders

Carla Saunders is a lawyer & the digital creator behind @callhercarla, a place for fashion inspiration, celebrating beauty, wise words and so much creativity!

In this episode, we talk about Carla's realization that she can be both a creative and a lawyer, and how she is finally owning both of those identities. We explore the boxes we put ourselves in, how too often we think of career vs. passion instead of nurturing both and learning to lean into our creative callings.

Carla's story is all about her re-discovering her creative passion and finally giving it the attention it deserves while learning to also own her role as a lawyer. We dive into other themes like feminity and masculinity in the workplace, the insecurities of putting yourself out there, red lipstick in meetings, and doing things for the joy of it.

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