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73. Hockey Talk & Stories with Steve Dixon

This week caught up with hockey player Steve Dixon. Steve plays with the Cardiff Devils in the Elite Ice Hockey League in the UK.

We learn about his career in hockey over the past 20 years, from playing in the Quebec Major Junior League to Pro in the US, and then overseas in Russia and throughout Europe.

He talks about being home in Halifax during COVID and what’s next for him.

The best part of this episode though, are some of the stories he shares like his Russian modeling career (see below), giving Paul Bissonnette the nickname Biz Nasty, and growing up in Cape Breton.

Bonus: we play a special edition of hot or not, to help Steve distinguish a good-looking man. Think Liam Hemsworth vs. Henry Goulding vs. Zac Efron.

We had a great time recording this episode and it's filled with lots of fun moments for you!

Connect with Steve at @sjdixon18 on Instragram.

Introducing the Russian Prince


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