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71. Kundalini with Mariah Pelley-Smith

Mariah Pelley-Smith is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, working in web design, intuitive business strategy, reiki, and more. She is also a deeply devoted Kundalini Student and Practitioner.

This week Mariah introduces us to Kundalini, the yoga that merges the esoteric and scientific. We talk about how creativity is the new currency and how Kundalini yoga can help us unlock our greatest potential by leveling up our consciousness and helping us latch on to what serves us.

We cover the benefits of Kundalini (like how it helps us prepare for success), why this practice is so important now, and Mariah shares some of her favorite meditations and mantras with us!

It's a super fun episode to get to know Mariah, and her journey from a 1-person business to a thriving team in just a few months,

Connect with Mariah: @mariah.pelleysmith @reiki.mariah @Mariah.kundaliniyoga Work with her & access her Kundalini classes at


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