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59. Psychedelics & Microdosing with Laura Dawn

This week we wanted to understand the purpose of plant medicines and explore the benefits of microdosing.

We spoke with author and psychedelic advocate Laura Dawn who founded AYA Visionary. She introduces us to different plant medicines (mushrooms, lsd, ayahuasca and more), how you can work with them, the experience, and how to anchor your visions into reality for lasting change.n.

Laura weaves together Eastern philosophy with the latest research in the fields of neuroscience, psychedelic studies, and quantum physics to teach you how to become the visionary of your life, radically expand what you believe is possible, and anchor your inner visions into reality.

Consider this your introduction to psychedelics and how they can be used for powerful growth. Other things we explore:

  • How you bring more ceremony into your life

  • Changing self imposed beliefs and stories we tell ourselves

  • Working with plant medicines: set and setting, and creating intention

  • Laura's method and how she works with entrepreneurs and leaders to bring the benefits of plant medicine into reality




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