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56. Human Design with Victoria Jane

Victoria Jane spent years in Silicon Valley achieving all the success she thought she wanted, but then found herself exhausted, burnt out, and with her health declining. Her life felt out of alignment and hard in so many ways.

As she started a journey of healing she discovered Human Design, and began learning about her unique design and how she could start living more in flow.

Human Design is a tool to help us understand our unique energy and intuition so we can experience our natural state of ease, joy, and our highest potential and purpose.

Victoria shares how Human Design helped her change her life, and reconnect with her energy and her intuition. She does a great job explaining exactly what Human Design is and how we can start reading our chart and learning about our own design.

Victoria introduces the 5 types in HD: Manifestors, Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors, Reflectors; and shares a bit about how they might interact!

We also dive into:

  • HD Strategy

  • How you experience your intuition (it's not the same for everyone!)

  • Connection charts

  • How she coaches people using Human Design.


@victoriajane.hd on Instagram

Learn more about Human Design or work with Victoria:


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