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55. How to Live in Alignment with Catie Fenn

Catie Fenn is an Ex-Lawyer, turned Soul Guide, and Coach. While practicing law she felt out of alignment despite reaching her vision of "success". She shares how she began following her intuitive nudges, which led her to recreate her career and entire life.

Catie teaches us how to recognize our own intuition, how to use it in our day-to-day, and what’s on the other side of living more intuitively.

We also dive into reconnecting with who you truly are, what leads to fulfillment, mindfulness, and journaling and meditation methods.

We get into questions like these:

  • What is our intuition?

  • How do we overcome our fear of listening to intuition?

  • How do we bring our intuition & feminine energy into our work?

  • How can we learn to hear our intuition?

We hope this episode opens up so much new magic for you!


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