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116. The Best Chocolate Chip cookie in Halifax 2022

The episode everyone has been waiting for - who will be crowned the BEST chocolate chip cookie in Halifax? Listen to find out!

We've brought in two special tasters to help us with this challenge, Nicole Cameron and Quake Matthews.

Together we taste 12 cookies back to back to find the best of the best in the city! This episode has it all, from cookies to convoys, to spirit animals, and more.

A huge thank you to all the local businesses who took part.

Enjoy the cookie commentary!

Here are the cookie contestants:

  • Luke's Small Baked Goods

  • Envie

  • Steve-O-Reno's

  • Jane's Next Door

  • Bliss Caffeine Bar

  • Local Jo

  • East Coast Bakery

  • Tea Time Treats

  • The Mellow Mug

  • Dilly Dally

  • Weird Harbour

  • Rousseau

Thanks to LUVO Wines for sponsoring this episode. LUVO is our favourite wine in a can! Get yours at

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